3 common excuses for not starting a business—and how to get over them

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed it’s the same handful of obstacles preventing them from starting.

Let me show you three of the most common, and how you can overcome them.

1. “I don’t have time”

Yes, we “know” we technically have the same number of hours as Barack Obama, Jay-Z, and Richard Branson. This doesn’t help when life is pulling us in a dozen directions.

Karan Bajaj felt the same way.

Bajaj is a best-selling novelist who loves to write. However, his books didn’t earn enough to pay the bills, so he also worked a full-time corporate job. Between the 9-5, family, and kids, he barely had time for writing, never mind starting a business.

“I couldn’t write all weekend anymore,” he admits. “And with our family’s expenses increasing, I couldn’t quit my corporate day job either. I had a deep, sinking feeling that my writing was about to give.”

However, Bajaj had a skill others wanted: He knew how to land a book deal with a major publisher. He’d done it himself — twice. With no time in his hectic schedule, he didn’t have the luxury to build a website or start an email list. Instead, Bajaj just started emailing people he thought might be interested in a course on landing a book deal.

Three days later, Bajaj earned $3,100.

Idea validated, he began investing more time. He created a website, wrote blog posts, and built an email list. In four months, he went from zero to 1,800 subscribers.

You don’t need to be a 22-year-old college graduate to start your business this year. To start, it only takes a few extra hours a week. (Try one hour each morning, Monday through Friday. You can get a lot done with five hours a week!)

2. “I don’t have an idea”

There’s this illusion that one morning the perfect business idea will blossom in our minds. And until that day, we’re stuck twiddling our thumbs.

No! Coming up with ideas is a skill, and there are strategies that help.

One of the best strategies? Scratch your own itch.

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