Boone Pickens’ $250 million ranch. Take a look inside.

Sitting in his favorite chair by the fireplace, Boone Pickens said that of all the changes he’s making in his life, selling off his prized Texas ranch is among the hardest.

“Damn right, I’ll miss this place,” said the legendary oil-tycoon, sitting in the library of his ranch in the Texas Panhandle. “I put a lot of time and effort into it. And there is nothing else like it.”

But as he approaches his 90th birthday in May, and after a series of health problems, the famously hard-charging, charismatic financier is scaling back. He shut down his hedge fund. He has sold off his Dallas mansion. And now he has put his weekend ranch, just outside of Amarillo, on the market.

Price tag: $250 million.

The ranch, called Mesa Vista Ranch, is the fullest expression of the man who started out in the Oklahoma oil patch and rose to become a towering figure on Wall Street and global energy trading markets. At 65,000 acres, or over 100 square miles, Mesa Vista is part rustic Wild West and part gold-plated luxury.

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