TaskRabbit rolls out on-demand service

Background checks of freelance workers has come front and center In the wake of the deadly shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan, last month. An Uber driver, Jason Dalton, was charged with killing six people.

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TaskRabbit uses a third-party company, SterlingBackCheck to complete its background checks with Social Security number traces, a federal criminal background check and additional county background check. While some who follow the sharing economy have argued mandatory fingerprinting would help screen potential workers more aggressively, TaskRabbit — like Uber —does not use fingerprinting as part of its screening process.

What’s more, Busque said every potential tasker offering to do various jobs meets with someone from headquarters, or a company ambassador in smaller markets. Taskers learn about the company and if something isn’t right, they have the ability and connections to speak up, she said.

“I think collectively as a group of sharing economy companies, we have to ensure we work together to dedicate safety and trust as our number one priority in this marketplace,” she said.

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