Amazon earnings preview Q1 2018

Wall Street expects another huge jump in Amazon‘s revenue, albeit at lower profits, compared with last year, when the company reports its first-quarter earnings on Thursday.

But the conference call after the announcement could prove just as interesting to investors, if it provides a peek into Amazon’s plans for political damage control, dominance in cloud computing and investments in voice-assistant Alexa.

The e-commerce giant is estimated to post first-quarter profit of $1.26 per share, down from the $1.48 per share reported a year ago, according to a Thomson Reuters consensus estimate.

Revenue is expected to be $49.79 billion, up 39 percent from last year’s $35.71 billion. Amazon gave revenue guidance in the range of $47.75 billion to $50.75 billion.

Key issues that are likely to be discussed during the company’s earnings call: reactions to the president’s anti-Amazon salvos, insight into whether Amazon Web Services can double revenue by 2020 and how much Amazon is willing to spend on Alexa.

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