9 Instagram-able food trends to try this summer

Often called “goth” or “anti-unicorn,” black-colored foods have been a hit on Instagram over the past year. From cupcakes and ice cream to pasta and bread, the internet cannot get enough of this dark trend.

While many chain restaurants abroad have resorted to squid ink to create a rich, dark black color for burger buns and pasta, others have gravitated toward activated charcoal. The ingredient, which gives food an ashy color, is touted as a “detoxer” and has lead to some incredibly decadent Instagram photos.

But, folks should be sure to eat and drink charcoal in moderation. While the ingredient is often used to remove toxins, aid in digestion and, in extreme cases, treat drug overdoses in a hospital, too much charcoal can cause vomiting and constipation. Not to mention, it can also make some medications ineffective.

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