WelleCo co-founder and supermodel Elle Macpherson on the key lessons she has learned in business

From licensing her name and image, to having her own ingestible beauty business, Elle Macpherson has learned a lot on her way to becoming a leading businesswoman.

In fact, the Australian supermodel likens her time in the corporate world to that of a journey.

“If we can see (business) as a journey with all its twists and turns, doubts and disappointments, successes and compromises, then each experience can be a point on that journey and it can give us context for our whole experience,” Macpherson, co-founder of WelleCo, told CNBC’s Tania Bryer last week at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Forum in Monaco.

Macpherson recalled having a “lightbulb” moment in 1989, when a small New Zealand company was trying to break into the Australian marketplace and needed a recognizable face to help grow its business. This is where Macpherson stepped in.

That moment, Macpherson said, allowed her to look at her options and decide what path she wanted to take. She went on to create her own eponymous company in the 1990s to manage her licenses and other opportunities.

Fast forward to 2014, and after switching to a new health regime, Macpherson co-founded WelleCo with Andrea Horwood and nutritional doctor Dr Simone Laubscher. The ingestible beauty business is now selling products to customers around the world.

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