10 most expensive states to live in 2018

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Fair-housing advocates worry about the number of Oregonians being priced out of the housing market. Here, a view of Nob Hill and Westover neighborhoods from West Burnside & 20th in Portland, Oregon. 

For the first time in 2018, Oregon began allowing motorists to pump their own gas, leaving New Jersey as the last state to prohibit self-service at the service station. Immediately, gas prices in Oregon plunged, right? No, they remain above the national average. But that is not the only issue in the Beaver State, which also faces a home affordability crisis. The median home price in Portland is more than twice the national figure. Renting is no bargain, either, with the average for a two-bedroom apartment at about $2,500 a month. Oregon is a big, diverse state, with some rural areas that are much more affordable. But fair-housing advocates worry about the increasing numbers of Oregonians being priced out of the market.

2018 Cost of Living score: 6 out of 50 points (Top States Grade: F)

Most expensive area: Portland

Average home price: $507,368

Half gallon of milk: $2.06

Ribeye steak: $12.94

Monthly energy bill: $145.24

Doctor visit: $107.61

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