How to avoid overshopping on the longest Amazon Prime Day yet

The longest Amazon Prime Day yet will begin on Monday, July 16 and last for 36 hours through July 17. For many shoppers, it’s a day to finally snag that tech product or kitchen device they’ve been eyeing at a discount. But for others, it could lead to over-shopping, overspending and financial regret.

Since the first Amazon Prime Day in 2015, the event has expanded from deals on the site to extra discounts for Prime shoppers who download the app, use Amazon Assistant, find items using camera search or shop at Whole Foods with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, according to Amazon’s website.

Amazon’s Echo Dot, an instant pot pressure cooker, 23andMe DNA tests, a plush seahorse and whey protein were some of the top items purchased around the world on Prime Day last year. The sales brought in nearly $3 billion to the e-commerce giant, and broke both its Black Friday and Cyber Monday records.

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