Medicare won’t cover all your health care expenses. How to prepare

Generally speaking, original Medicare does not cover dental work and routine vision or hearing care.

This means it does not cover dentures, which can run anywhere from about $1,000 to north of $5,000 for a complete set. And while a routine cleaning and X-ray could set you back about $200 and a filling runs about $150 or $200, a single tooth implant can be upward of $4,000.

However, if a dental condition involves an emergency or complicated procedure, it could be covered.

Same goes for routine vision checks. If you need glasses, it’s generally not covered. Yet if you have an eye condition like glaucoma or cataracts, basic Medicare will cover your care.

If you decide to go with an Advantage Plan, there’s a good chance dental and vision will be included. It will likely be limited, though.

“You’ll get some coverage, but nothing major,” said Elizabeth Gavino, founder of Lewin & Gavino in New York an independent broker and general agent for Medicare plans. “You might get a dental cleaning or two a year.”

Whether you choose an Advantage plan or stick with basic Medicare, you can purchase a separate policy that gives you more extensive coverage.

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