Car buyers could snag fat discounts during Labor Day sales push

Generally speaking, though, it’s best not to focus only on the dollar amount of the discount, Jones said.

“That amount can be eye-popping,” he said. “But you have to put it in the context of the price.”

For illustration purposes: While $5,000 off of a $30,000 car is close to a 17 percent discount, that same amount applied to a $20,000 car is a 25 percent discount.

It’s worth noting that if your need for a car isn’t pressing and price matters most, you might find deeper discounts later in the year. However, the selection of cars that come with special pricing will be more limited, Jones said.

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Additionally, it remains uncertain how trade wars between the United States and other nations will end up affecting car prices. So far, threats from President Trump to impose additional tariffs on imported autos has not materialized.

If you do plan to head to the dealership, here’s how to prepare for your trip.

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