Five stocks have been left out of this bull market. One could bounce.

One of those looks due for a comeback, according to two market watchers.

“I like the miners. I like [Freeport] FCX,” Boris Schlossberg, managing director of FX strategy at BK Asset Management, told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. It’s “a non-time-sensitive way to hide for the commodity crash and you get paid carry [interest], you get paid dividends while you’re holding it.”

Freeport’s dividend yields 1.4 percent as of Wednesday. Its payout ratio, which measures dividends as a percentage of earnings, comes in at 5.1 percent.

Its recent sell-offs have also been beyond its control, tied more to geopolitics and macro headwinds, says Schlossberg.

“FCX is very levered to the price of copper, which has gotten very badly hit because of U.S.-China trade but not because demand itself is actually down. If copper comes back, so will FCX,” Schlossberg said.

Copper prices have fallen close to 19 percent this year, putting the commodity into a correction and close to a bear market. Prices have sold off as the Trump administration escalated a tariff feud with China, potentially blunting demand for metals.

Michael Bapis, managing director of The Bapis Group at HighTower Advisors, also sees a comeback for Freeport.

“I like FCX as well. It’s trading at seven times earnings,” Bapis said on “Trading Nation.” “There’s a lot of growth, exploration growth in emerging markets, internationally and domestically once we get through these trade wars and the tariff wars.”

Freeport has sold off this year with no clear resolution to the U.S.-China trade conflict in sight. Its shares are down 23 percent in 2018, putting it on track for its first annual loss since 2015.

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