Jana Partners takes a stake in Alibaba, Facebook & Wells Fargo

Activist investor Jana Partners has jumped back into Facebook after selling all its holdings in the stock, and has increased its holdings in Apple, which it has already pressured about iPhone addiction.

Barry Rosenstein’s hedge fund also has taken new stakes in Alibaba, Alphabet, Wells Fargo and Microsoft, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday that discloses positions through the end of the second quarter.

Facebook was a rapid about face for the fund, which disclosed in May that it had sold all its holdings of the stock while taking a new stake in Apple in the first quarter. In the second quarter, it added 651,000 Facebook shares, according to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Jana increased its Apple holdings in the second quarter slightly, to 275,000 shares, according to the filing. The hedge fund sent an open letter to Apple in January asking the tech giant to create software that would allow parents more control of what their children can access through an iPhone.

As of the end of June, Jana also had 1.15 million shares of Wells Fargo, 743,000 shares of Microsoft, 439,000 shares of Alibaba and 44,000 shares of Alphabet.

The hedge fund more than doubled its stake in Pinnacle Foods, which is still its largest position. Jana disclosed a 9.1 percent stake in the packaged foods maker in April and said it would seek talks with Pinnacle on a range of subjects, including a possible sale.

The firm, founded and run by Rosenstein, decreased its stake in General Motors, Tiffany, Adobe and Conagra in the second quarter, the filing said.

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