Verizon should spin off Yahoo, AOL: Former Yahoo CFO 

Verizon’s recently created media subsidiary housing the acquisitions of faded tech brands AOL and Yahoo was given a name that raised some eyebrows — Oath — and there has been speculation that a spinoff might still be coming. Among those who don’t get the name and think there are better corporate options include former Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman.

“I have a hard time getting my arms around that name. Sorry,” Goldman said on CNBC’s Squawk Box Tuesday morning.

But Goldman backs an idea Verizon management has been resisting: eliminating its new brand-name problem by spinning off AOL and Yahoo as a separate publicly traded company, while retaining an 80 percent ownership stake.

“I could tell you what I would do if I were in their shoes. … I would offload 20 percent,” Goldman said.

The former Yahoo CFO said motivating employees at the acquired companies would be a driver for the deal.

“Now you have a public company. You can give stock to those employees, so you can motivate those employees,” he said. “Let me put it into perspective. You’re an employee at Yahoo. You’ve been running this independent company for 20 years.”

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