Buy Urban Outfitters if it gets hit Monday

Urban Outfitters, Inc.: “Look, the stock has doubled. We know that. It’s incredibly well-run. It’s a long runway. I think you buy more if the market’s down on Monday, as I suspect it will be.”

Centurylink Inc.: “I think it’s a good value stock. I do believe that the yield is safe after that last quarter.”

Avnet, Inc.: “They actually had a good quarter. They’re now actually doing better than Tech Data. It was a surprise, how good that quarter was.

Pitney Bowes Inc.: “I don’t think that they’ve been able to pivot effectively, frankly. I think that they’re still like the old days. And you know with digitization, you’ve got to roll with the punches.”

UnitedHealth Group Inc.: “No, no. They had a record high but then they finished lower. That’s going to bring out sellers. They’ll probably take it down to, like, $261, $262. Look at Centene, too. Let that one come in and then buy, buy, buy.”

General Mills, Inc.: “I like the stock OK. It’s not great.”

TherapeuticsMD Inc.: “OK, remember, we profiled them a couple times because they do women therapeutics, but it is strictly spec. It’s an OK spec.”

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