Cramer’s lightning round: Anheuser Busch no longer looks attractive

Anheuser Busch Inbev NV: “No. I can’t. I can’t go Anheuser Busch because I’ve got to tell you something: I think the world has gotten away from traditional beer and that’s why I like the hedge bet that Constellation’s making, STZ, which I think is going to buy the rest of Canopy [Growth] at one point. STZ is the one if you want to go beer.”

CarMax, Inc.: “No. CarMax? We don’t want to be there. On the car situation, I remain a believer that the cars have peaked and we don’t want to touch anything involved in that sector.”

Exelon Corp.: “I like Exelon very much. I do believe, remember, that I think interest rates are going much higher and that’s why I like it.”

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV: “No. Because you just said it right – legendary CEO. He was the company. I’d wait to see who they get next. That man was bankable.”

AbbVie Inc.: “At $92 today, I saw it and I said, ‘You know, I should just go out and tell people to buy it,’ but I like Abbott Labs more because [of CEO] Miles White.”

TJX Companies Inc.: “TJX, $107 to $109. Probably goes to $115. The quarter was unbelievable. You know what? People aren’t going to stop buying it here. $111, $112 – take it.”

United Parcel Service, Inc.: “Buy it. Buy it. Just buy it. Just buy UPS. Something’s going on. UPS!”

Applied Materials, Inc.: “AMAT, $41 today. I saw it break to $40. I don’t even think it’s going to be able to hold $39. I think you’ve got to stay away from that. If you want to do it, then just go buy AMD and secondarily Nvidia after it’s down another 5 [basis points].”

Exelixis, Inc.: “I liked that for a long time. I was the only guy who liked it and now everybody likes it, so that makes me say don’t buy.”

Bank of America Corp.: “Bank of America at $31. It probably goes to $35, 36. I do like J.P. Morgan more at $114, though, or Citi at $71 – [Citi] sells at only 10 times earnings and [CEO Michael] Corbat’s doing a fantastic job.”

Nuance Communications Inc.: “No. I don’t care for it. Don’t go spec. We’ve got so many techs that are down. Let’s go high, high, high.”

Endo International PLC: “Endo Pharmaceuticals is really kind of a weird breakup story. I don’t know how much upside there really is. I’m going to take a pass on that and if we’re going to do pharma, by the way, we’re going to do Amgen, which is cheap.”

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