How former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham built her fashion empire

Tim Roney | Getty Images

Victoria Beckham, left, and other members of The Spice Girls in Paris, September 1996

Victoria Beckham the fashion brand started off small, she told CNBC’s Tania Bryer, speaking at London Fashion Week on Sunday. “At the beginning, it was 10 dresses and I showed the dresses and then I sold the dresses and now it’s so much more complicated,” she said.

She’s not a trained designer and has relied on her team to help build the brand, now stocked in more than 400 stores.

“There was two of us when I first started and it was just dresses, whereas now, we’ve grown. It’s not just dresses, it’s tailoring, it’s knitwear, it’s a complete wardrobe, plus accessories as well. So I’ve learnt a lot from my team and I’ve learnt a lot about the business. I’ve had to, I hadn’t done this before, so I’ve surrounded myself with the right people and the team has grown each season,” Beckham told Bryer.

Beckham showed a collection for the first time at London Fashion Week on Sunday, having previously showed her clothing in New York. An art gallery next to her Mayfair boutique was the location for the catwalk collection, shown to an audience of 250.

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