I can’t recommend GameStop here

GameStop: “There is a lot of chatter that it’s going to be taken over. I cannot recommend a stock on a takeover basis where the fundamentals are in decline, and that’s the case with GameStop.”

Biogen: “I think there are a lot of ways to win. I mean, look, I didn’t like the hype involving their Alzheimer drug. I do prefer Regeneron and then I think that Amgen is better. It’s been a winner.”

Liberty Oilfield Services: “Look, oil services has been a very tough business. I actually would ring the register here because there are others that are down so low that I think are much better buys.”

Spirit Airlines: “OK, I prefer Delta more than Spirit, I prefer United Continental more than Spirit and LUV – that’s the symbol for Southwest Air – remains my favorite.”

Chefs’ Warehouse: “They put up an amazing quarter. It was an amazing quarter, even better than Sprouts’. I understand why people want to buy it. I think it’s a little too hot for me, but it was a great quarter.”

Under Armour: “I know it broke down last week. I made as many calls as I could. I could not find the reason why it broke down. I do prefer Nike here. I think Nike’s going to have a good quarter. Remember that we did the big piece yesterday on Vans, which is owned by VF. VF may be the best shoe company people aren’t thinking about.”

Caesars Entertainment: “I don’t like that balance sheet, and if there’s no balance sheet for me to like, then I cannot recommend the stock.”

Delek US Holdings: “I like the refiners. That’s not necessarily my favorite – I like Marathon – but that’s a good one.”

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