This stock is like Tesla, except it’s making money

The third quarter is wrapping up, September is coming to a close, and CNBC’s Jim Cramer can finally breathe.

“The third quarter’s in the bag and it’s been a good one — best in five years. Even September was good, and historically, that tends to be a rough month,” the “Mad Money” host said on Friday. “In fact, the market’s been so robust that you have to think long and hard about stocks that have lagged behind here.”

But barring the currently slumping stocks of Tesla and Facebook, Cramer was pleased with how the quarter turned out. With that in mind, he turned to his weekly game plan, which includes a market-critical report on Friday.

Online shopping service Stitch Fix, a new Cramer-fave, kicks off the earnings flow on Monday. The company is already profitable and rapidly growing its revenues, so Cramer expected a good result.

“One look at their website tells you exactly how powerful this story is,” he said. “Stitch Fix has that rare ability to convert users of the service into buyers of the stock — like Tesla, except it’s making money.”

While shares of Stitch Fix have fallen in the last several weeks on worries about competition from Amazon, Cramer saw the decline as an opportunity.

“You have my blessing to buy some Stitch Fix both before and after the quarter,” he told investors.

For the rest of Cramer’s game plan, click here.

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