BP is my charitable trust’s top oil position

Royal Dutch Shell PLC: “Why buy Royal Dutch when you can buy BP? My charitable trust, which you can follow along by joining [the] ActionAlertsPlus.com club, has made this our biggest oil position and we keep buying it and it yields 5.8 percent and it reported one of the best quarters I’ve seen this whole reporting period.”

Seagate Technology PLC: “Seagate’s hard because it is so cheap. I absolutely see that it could rally, a relief rally, like a Western Digital could rally. But I can’t recommend them and I’ve got so many great tech stocks that are down. I just can’t.”

Banco Santander Brasil SA: “It’s actually one of the few ways to play the sudden capitalist resurgence in Brazil. So, Banco Santander Brazil may be a decent way to play it. I’m not going to fight you on that one. It was up 5 percent today; be careful.”

Valero Energy Corp.: “I am [interested in Valero], too. Look, as oil goes down, some people feel they’re not going to make as much money at the pump. I think you buy the stock of Valero here. It’s down very badly [and] yields 3.55 percent.”

Boyd Gaming Corp.: “Yes, [continue to hold it]. Its stock is down way too much and there’s a lot of gambling being done in the U.S. and you don’t have any China exposure. What’s not to like?”

Square Inc.: “I was over in London this weekend and all everyone could talk about who’s in this space was saying … how can you buy Square without [CFO] Sarah Friar? I think there’s more to the stock than just Sarah Friar and I actually think it’s OK to buy right here. That’s my case.”

CBRE Group Inc.: “I think — and this is something that I want [Federal Reserve Chair] Jerome Powell to hear — I genuinely believe that commercial real estate is the next shoe to drop in this big kind of rolling slowdown that I’m worried about. So CBRE is going down with that. Now, CBRE, I’m sure, will say, ‘Listen, everything’s hunky-dory.’ That’s not the point. The point is what’s going to happen, and I’m going to say I don’t want to touch commercial real estate.”

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