Disaster-proof Miami mansion costs 5.8 million

Amid increasingly intense hurricanes and other weather events, real estate owners are trying to get ahead of the curve by constructing new homes that can handle extremes.

Some of the latest examples in high-end real estate include disaster-prepared and energy efficient properties — but ones that don’t mean retreating underground or building a bunker into a mountain. Take for instance a contemporary mansion in a tony Miami suburb that’s listed by ONE Sotheby’s Realty for $5.85 million.

Built this year, Casa Moderna (or Modern House) provides all the luxury expected of an estate in a high-end market. Still, the spec home also has disaster-ready features likely to be useful given its direct proximity to southern Florida’s east coast. It’s hurricane-proof and bulletproof and can endure a fire for up to four hours. Here’s a look inside the pricey home.

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