Don’t buy GE stock until you see cost cuts

General Electric: “Look, let’s hold off [buying] to see if they cut the dividend or maybe have to do a big equity offering, and then we’ll take a look at it. Not until then.”

The Hershey Company: “No momentum. No momentum, and they will not put themselves up for sale. That said, I like what you said about the yield. If you want a conservative investment over multiple years, I think Hershey’s OK.”

Boise Cascade Co.: “[Boise Cascade is in a house of pain] because of a slowdown, because of problems with [the] lumber market, because people don’t realize that the economy and the housing business has suddenly just gotten very weak.”

Blackstone Group: “Blackstone’s very good. The fact that it’s come down does not make it bad, it actually makes it more attractive. I think Blackstone is worth owning.”

DowDuPont: “I think you should [buy shares] right here. I think [CEO] Ed Breen’s being underestimated. I know a lot of people are very worried that this industrial is actually getting hurt. I think it’ll do fine. It’s going to split into three companies. I would pull the trigger right here because it’s that cheap. It’s come down a lot.”

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