‘I can’t countenance’ selling BlackRock here

BlackRock Inc.: “The stock got hit today, down $18. It’s at the 52-week low. It’s got some of the best people on earth working there. I am certainly not going to countenance selling [CEO] Larry Fink’s stock at a 3 percent yield, so I say hold on.”

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.: “No. This stock is up too much. We got a nice hit in this one and we are moving onto the next, so let’s not do that. If you want a defense stock, I prefer Raytheon, which we tell club members is very good.”

Energy Transfer Partners LP: “It yields 10 [percent], I know. They’re doing a lot of things to make the structure better. It is still too risky for me, but I understand why people would want to be attracted to it. That’s all I have to say about it.”

JetBlue Airways Corp.: “You know what? I like United Continental, even up 5 [percent], and I have chosen not to really push any other of the airlines until I get better data. I like United Continental and then I would go with American, then I would go with Delta and then I would go with JetBlue, and not before then. It’s too dicey for me.”

TherapeuticsMD: “TXMD’s a little too speculative for this guy. This is the one with products for women. We’ve had them on a bunch of times. It’s been at $5 for too long. I say go high quality here and that’s not one of them. It’s OK, but it’s not high-quality enough.”

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