McDonald’s stock could be going to $200

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc.: “No. They have spotty execution. Think about this: on a huge, down-600 day, McDonald’s stock was actually up. Where’s McDonald’s stock going? I would bet that stock could go to $200.”

Celgene Corp.: “There’s absolutely nothing that’s negative on Celgene, the problem is, again, that everything in the biotech cohort is going down all at once. So I don’t have any solace other than to say that there’s nothing individually wrong with Celgene versus any of the others and you’ve just got to ride your way right through this one.”

Apple Hospitality: “It’s a solid REIT. I’m not going to say it’s blowaway. It’s got a good yield and interest rates are going lower because of a slowdown. It’s fine.”

Lululemon: “Lululemon, I think, is going to have a terrific quarter. We actually got an upgrade today. I think it was right. And I actually, believe it or not, [think] retail is going to be good. I think you’ll do OK in LULU.”

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