Under Armour has bottomed; it’s a buy

Under Armour Inc.: “Under Armour, I think, has bottomed. It can go higher. I think the inventories are very clean. I like the stock very much. Buy, buy, buy.”

Blackstone Group LP: “It’s come off a little bit from its high, but the answer is absolutely [buy]. They’re very smart guys and they’re doing a terrific job.”

Novocure Ltd.: “You’ve got to take some off [the table]. Play with the house’s money. That’s a very big gain. We have been behind this stock since the teens. We believe in the technology. Still amazed that it hasn’t been acquired. I like the stock, but, again, I would do a little schnitzel.”

Lululemon Athletica Inc.: “Lululemon hit a 52-week high today. That said, I still believe – thank you so much, [J.P. Morgan retail analyst] Matthew Boss, for some really great picks – [in] Lulu, Ollie’s and Burlington. By the way, I do like Under Armour.”

Granite Construction Inc.: “Nah. I mean, I was looking at Martin Marietta Materials this weekend. I just don’t like this group. It’s too hard. They need an infrastructure bill; they don’t have it.”

Starbucks Corp.: “Stock acted very weak today. I’ve got to tell you, I still think this is not the quarter. They are buying back stock left and right, I think [CEO] Kevin Johnson’s doing a great job, but I don’t want to buy it until I see this quarter being booked because I think it’s just going to be OK.”

Consolidated Edison Inc.: “ConEd is very good. Now, I wish it were yielding 4 percent. I would buy half now and if it came under 4 percent, I would buy the other half, but not until then.”

Weight Watchers Intl. Inc.: “No edge. Don’t buy. Stock’s moved a lot.”

AK Steel Holding: “No. We don’t want to touch [it]. No, no. Look, my charitable trust owns Nucor. That’s tough enough. Only Allegheny’s been working well and that’s stainless steel and that’s why.”

International Business Machines Corp.: “I think IBM is a buy.”

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