Apple MacBook Air review

The new Air finally has a much sharper “Retina” display, which has been available on MacBook Pro since 2012 and the MacBook since 2015. This is the display Air fans have been clamoring for.

Text is sharp when I’m reading the news, movies look great and it gets nice and bright. It’s also plenty large, at 13.3-inches, which means you have more space for doing stuff without squinting and more room for moving windows around, as opposed to the smaller, but more expensive and less powerful, regular MacBook.

The second I opened the MacBook Air box in the office, my colleagues all gathered around and attempted to slide it into purses and backpacks. They were giddy that it’s lighter than our work-issued laptops and older MacBooks. I love the brushed aluminum metal body, which makes it feel more premium and more rock-solid than other laptops on the market. There’s barely and flexing or bending.

The speakers get nice and loud — my wife asked me to turn down a movie while she was working at a nearby table — and have great surround-sound audio.

The larger trackpad gives you more room for zooming into photos with two fingers, or gesturing to view all of your open windows with three fingers.. It’s been updated to Apple’s newer technology that allows you to tap down anywhere, instead of only at the front of the touchpad like on older MacBook Airs.

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