Buy DowDuPont—the breakup pain is over

DowDuPont Inc.: “I think you should buy more. I told people at a Deal Economy conference, a part of, today that I think the breakup pain is over and the gain is about to start. Please, let’s not write off [CEO] Ed Breen. He’s done it before. He’s going to do it again. Three companies; maybe you even get five. I like this stock.”

New York Mortgage Trust Inc.: “We don’t really know what they own, and that’s the problem. It’s too opaque, and when companies are opaque, it’s hard for me to say, ‘Hey, go buy that stock. I don’t really know what they own, but that’s fine.'”

AT&T Inc.: “I hate to ever say the worst is over because I don’t like their debt load. That said, I think they have the cash flow to pay for the debt load. So I can’t recommend the stock. I do prefer Verizon.”

The Home Depot Inc.: “Home Depot is down a lot. I have no catalyst. There are other retailers that are doing better. I think Costco’s doing better than Home Depot. I think that Lowe’s has a turnaround story for [CEO] Marvin Ellison. But anybody who buys Home Depot and puts it away for the next 18 months, I think, is going to do quite well.”

Nio Inc.: “No. We don’t recommend any Chinese stocks here. I mean, we’ve got a trade– it’s not a skirmish, it’s a war. And it’s not just about trade anymore. It’s about American hegemony versus the Chinese decision to try to, [in] 2025, take a lot of industries away. We don’t need [Chinese stocks].”

Abbott Laboratories: “Do not touch Abbott Labs. It’s a big position for the club. I think the stock can go still higher.”

Nielsen Holdings PLC: “I can’t recommend a stock that I wouldn’t buy on fundamentals just on a takeover [basis]. I know they’re getting some bid interest. I think the stock is probably a little too high here. I’m going to say no.”

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