Here’s what Starbucks’ new Roastery in New York City looks like

Nestled in the meatpacking district between Chelsea Market and Google’s New York offices is Starbucks‘ latest Roastery.

Set to open on Friday, the nearly 23,000-square-foot space is far from the typical Starbucks store. Bathed in warm light and teeming with copper features, the Roastery is a cozy haven for coffee fanatics looking to not only get their caffeine fix, but get an up close and personal experience with Starbucks’ roasters, baristas and craft mixologists.

“It was five years ago, in a Starbucks board meeting that Howard Schultz, our chairman emeritus, and Liz Muller, our chief design officer, shared a vision they had for a new concept,” Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, told reporters Tuesday. “A new concept of a Starbucks, a new concept of a customer experience that is the ultimate in all things coffee.”

It is Starbucks’ hope that the Roastery locations will become destinations for coffee drinkers rather than just another cafe to stop at while you’re at the mall.

“We wanted to do something unique, never been seen, never to be repeated, immersive, inspirational,” Muller told reporters.

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