I see Walmart’s stock going higher

Walmart Inc.: “Remember, we don’t care where a stock has come from, we care where it’s going, and I think Walmart’s stock goes higher. I like the idea. It’s terrific.”

Edwards Lifesciences Corp.: “That is a fantastic stock, and it’s got, by the way, the best technology when it comes to the heart.”

The AES Corp.: “I like a growth utility. I like AES.”

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc.: “[If] people want to do that, that is a pedestrian way to [invest in the rise of legal cannabis] because it’s got a low risk and it’s got a yield, but remember: this stock is up 60 percent for the year and therefore I think it’s vulnerable to profit-taking.”

International Business Machines Corp.: “Why don’t you wait and use a full scale [to add to your position]? So, let’s say you use $5 commission. [Since you] bought some at $123, the next thing would be $118. That’s what we tell the club members for ActionAlertsPlus.com. We don’t want you to buy it all at one level. Help your basis and you get about a 5.25 percent yield when it goes to that level.”

Appian Corp.: “Good software. Good, good software. This is business processes and I do like it. Now, remember: all of these stocks have had big moves and they’re all coming down. It’s like Zuorasomeone asked me the other day about Zuora – down a lot, subscription economy, I like it, I’m not giving up on these, but understand they’re houses of pain right now.”

First Horizon National Corp.: “People hate the financials so much right now. [… But] the stock’s at a 52-week low. Oh, no, buy that. This one’s $13. I like that.”

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