SportsCastr lets anyone act as a professional sports announcer

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a sports commentator, it’s never been easier to get your voice out to the public, in a high-quality professional way.

A new company called SportsCastr is allowing amateurs the chance to get behind the mic, broadcast games and offer their own sports commentary. Using a mobile phone, the SportsCastr app uses technology with green screens and graphics to give a professional broadcasting look and feel.

“We’ve created essentially a studio in an app so you can be in your dorm room or you could be in the locker room, and with one click you’re live and we make you look great,” said Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr.

It’s not just for amateurs. Professional athletes like New York Giants Safety Landon Collins are using SportsCastr to prepare for a media career after his playing years.

“I play in front 120,000 fans, but speaking in front of people I break down,” Collins said. “So it took it took a lot of me to do that especially in front of like random people.”

Collins, a 3-time Pro Bowl selection, says he’s given lots of thought to life after football, and he’d love to be on camera.

“My mom always said I was a handsome young man and I have a face for the camera … so that’s what I want my role to be,” said Collins who studied mass communications at the University of Alabama.

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