Stocks attempt rebound, govt shutdown rolls on, holiday sales strong

President Donald Trump on Christmas expressed confidence in Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin amid worries over a weakening economy and a stock market slump, but repeated his criticism of the Federal Reserve. (Reuters)

* Treasury was not concerned about liquidity when Mnuchin called banks (CNBC)

Trump said the partial shutdown of the federal government was going to last until he gets an agreement on his border wall. The Senate is expected to convene again tomorrow but the stalemate could last much longer. (CNBC & Reuters)

An 8-year-old boy, who has not been named, from Guatemala died in U.S. custody on Christmas Day. It was the second death of a child in detention at the southwest border in less than three weeks. (NY Times)

A Wall Street Journal investigation found more than 100 psychiatric hospitals have remained fully accredited by the nation’s major hospital watchdog despite safety violations that include lapses linked to death, abuse, or sexual assault.

Your local Buffalo Wild Wings may look a little different in the near future. The sports bar, which was acquired by Inspire Brands earlier this year, debuted its new store design, showcasing a sleek, modern, and community-focused look. (CNBC)

Tesla (TSLA) cut prices in China and said it would pay U.S. customers who missed a tax credit deadline due to the company’s production delays. (CNBC)

For teens and young men — and even college and pro athletes, and young celebrities — “Fortnite: Battle Royale” this year became more than a live-streaming game. Think of it as a hot, new social network. (Axios)

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