Why Yandex is beating Google in Russia

In all corners of the world, if you’re looking to do an internet search, chances are high that Google is your go-to.

The company has cornered the search market, capturing roughly 90% of the global market share. But Google’s domination hasn’t extended everywhere, and Russia is one of the few countries where it lags behind. Here, 55% of the market belongs to the homegrown company Yandex.

Like Google, Yandex is so much more than a search engine. It offers email, cloud, and online payment services, streaming music, news aggregatio, and live traffic maps. Yandex.Taxi merged with Uber last year, and it is testing self-driving cars.

Basically, Yandex sure sounds a lot like Google. So why do the majority of Russia’s 144.5 million citizens actually prefer it?

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