Airports create sleeping spaces for travelers on the go

Business travelers once looked to airline club rooms as calm oases that offer quiet areas to relax, work, conduct important phone calls or, perhaps, catch a nap.

These days, it’s not unusual for airline-operated and independent lounges to be as crowded and noisy. Congested airport terminals and gates have areas that many frequent travelers are willing to pay a fee to avoid – and there are alternatives on offer.

Outside the United States, travelers seeking alone time might check into one of the Napcabs equipped with beds, worktables, touch screens, WiFi and baggage storage, located inside Germany’s Munich or Berlin-Tegel Airports.

Elsewhere, Yotel offers cozy, cabin-like hotel rooms equipped with creature comforts such as futon-like beds, wifi, and flat screen TVs, located inside airport terminals in Amsterdam, London and Paris. Coming soon: Istanbul and Singapore.

Domestically, travelers seeking sleep, a place to work or a quiet place to have a phone conversation have an increasing range of options.

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