Trump’s chances in 2020 US presidential election: Anthony Scaramucci

But economic growth is not the only thing that’s important for Trump, the performance of the U.S. stock market matters too, said Scaramucci, who had a short stint as Trump’s communications director.

“I like to tell my friends that the only poll the president’s really concerned about is the S&P 500. He looks at that pretty much daily and if it’s going in the right direction, he thinks his re-election chances are pretty great,” said the former White House official.

The president is also “very, very concerned” about border security because he thinks it plays very well to his base, according to Scaramucci.

Disagreements on border security — specifically, on the U.S.-Mexico border wall that Trump proposed — led to the longest partial government shutdown in American history. It remains an area of contention between the Republican president and Democratic members of Congress, with Trump declaring a national emergency as a way to get funding to build the wall.

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