If saving for emergencies is hard, try strategies to make it easier

Visualizing a financial goal on a progress chart gives you something to look at that isn’t just numbers, says Heidi Nash, who lives in the Bay Area. Nash, 50, started Debt Free Charts after she and her husband conquered their own debt issues.

Filling in the chart motivates people to keep saving. “When you can see yourself starting to win, you want to win more,” Nash said. Check out Instagram for examples of inspiring savings charts.

The internet has tons of financial pictures and forms to chart progress. They are generally created and often given away free or at minimal cost by ordinary people who just want to share.

Things you ignore tend to just disappear, says Jackie Beck, who lives in Phoenix. “What you focus on is what you get,” she said. Beck, 50, and her husband conquered their own financial struggles. Now she counsels people on getting out of debt.

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