Top companies to work for in Brazil 2019; Movile, IBM and Santander are top performers

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The Bayer AG logo sits behind silhouetted members of the management board during the company’s annual general meeting in Bonn, Germany, May 25, 2018.

Concerning the latter, Bayer’s corporate culture covers four principles, dubbed “LIFE Values“: Leadership, integrity, flexibility and efficiency.

As a result, it encourages staff members to embody this “value culture,” which includes suggestions like open-mindedness, accountability, collaboration, reliability and being a role model.

5. Safra

Global headcount: 6,000+

One of many banks to feature in this year’s top 10, Safra has an international presence with its business based in over 20 nations. According to LinkedIn, Safra has an annual educational event in which the children of the bank’s employees are invited to.

To maintain the brand’s name and stature its created over 175 years and beyond, the bank has several values it stands by, including operational efficiency, careful risk management, and building strong connections with clients.

4. XP Group

Global headcount: 1,500+

The XP Group is on a mission to become the largest, leading financial group in the South American country, and aims to do this by assisting Brazilians with how they invest. The company has a wide selection of brands available to help offer investment advice, including XP Investimentos, Sartus Capital, and XP Education.

Inside the firm, XP aims to hire and retain top talent, and has six values for its employees to bear in mind. Some of these principles include putting the customer’s interest above all other agendas, dreaming big, and delivering high-quality services and products.

3. Movile

Global headcount: 1,600+

Made up of more than 10 companies, Movile has placed its interests in several areas, including food, entertainment and education. That comes on top of the company being a leader in the mobile marketplace, yet even with its current footprint, Movile has greater aspirations with the group hoping to make “life better for 1 billion people through their mobile devices.”

To support this goal, Movile aims to bring in, develop and keep talented staff, along with its desire to deliver strong results and innovate. In fact, LinkedIn reports that Movile encourages its employees from different brands to exchange their experiences.

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