2020 will be a big year for artificial intelligence

2020 is going to be a big year — for artificial intelligence, that is.

At least, that was the message LivePerson CEO Robert LoCascio delivered to CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday.

“When we think about 2020, I really think it’s the start of everyone having [AI],” LoCascio said on “Mad Money.” “AI is now becoming something that’s not just out there. It’s something that we use to drive everyday life.”

LivePerson, based in New York City, provides the mobile and online messaging technology that companies use to interact with customers.

Shares of LivePerson closed up just more than 5% on Friday, at $38.32. While it sits below its 52-week high of $42.85, it is up more than 100% for the year.

It reported earnings last week, with total revenue at $75.2 million for the third quarter, which is up 17% compared with the same quarter in 2018.

More than 18,000 companies use LivePerson, including four of the five largest airlines, LoCascio said. Around 60 million digital conversations happen through LivePerson each month, he said.

“You can buy shoes with AI on our platform. You can do airlines. You can do T-Mobile, change your subscription with T-Mobile,” he said. “That’s the stuff in everyday life.”

The world has entered a point where technology has transformed all aspects of communication, LoCascio said.

“Message your brand like you message your friends and family,” he said, predicting a day where few people want to pick up the phone and call a company to ask questions. “We’re powering all that … for some of the biggest brands in the world.”

LoCascio said LivePerson, which he founded in 1995, now uses AI to power about 50% of the conversations on its platform.

“We’re one of the few companies where it’s not a piece of the puzzle. It’s the entire puzzle,” he said.

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